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Personal Data Processing Notice

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and in accordance with the implementation of positive legal standards in the field of personal data protection, Alta Gold (hereinafter: the Manager) processes the personal data necessary for establishing a business relationship with a client.

Purpose of processing and legal basis

The Manager processes the data on the basis of the Law and the consent of data subjects. The Manager processes the data in order to:

  1. Exercise the rights and obligations arising from the business relationship between the Managers and data subjects.
  2. 2. Fulfillment of legal obligations of the Manager in accordance with the Law on Data Protection and other Laws regulating the trading of investment gold.

In view of the above, the submission of personal data by the Person is necessary in order to enter into a business relationship or to exercise the rights and obligations arising from the business relationship of the Manager and the data subject, as well as to fulfill the legal obligations of the Manager.

If the necessary information is not provided, the Manager shall not be able to establish a business relationship with the client.

Recipients of personal data

The controller has the right to provide the personal data relating to the person, as well as the data on business transactions with the person, to the competent state bodies upon their request.

All information collected about the Person with whom the business relationship is established is a trade secret for the Manager and as such cannot be made available to third parties. The obligation of professional secrecy for the Manager is permanent.

Categories of data processed by the Manager:

  1. Basic information
  2. Information about getting to know your client

Personal data retention period

The Manager shall process the personal data collected for the purpose of exercising the rights and obligations arising from the business relationship for the duration of the Manager's business relationship with the Data subject.

The information collected is stored for such a period of time as is prescribed by the legal framework (VAT Act and Accounting Law).

Person Appointed to Protect Personal Information

In order to implement the standards of personal data protection prescribed by the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Manager has appointed a Personal Data Protection Person to whom you can address any questions and requests regarding the processing of your personal data at the following address:

Ugrinovačka 212, 11000 Belgrade.