About us

Alta Gold is a regional broker specializing in investment gold trading. We specialize in trading smaller and larger quantities of investment gold, which is why we offer competitive prices and favorable terms.

According to European legislation, investment gold is produced in the form of gold tiles with a minimum accepted weight of 1g and a guaranteed purity of 995/1000 or greater. We offer you internationally recognized investment units or gold bullion. Each gold plate has the name of the manufacturer and a serial number that makes it unique and one of a kind throughout the world. With us you can buy the investment units of your choice and we can buy them from you at your request.

What do we offer our clients?

We specialize in investment consulting in the field of precious metals investment. We provide professional advice and individual solutions for buying gold. Our expert consultants will introduce you to the partner programs of the companies whose products we represent and distribute. Whether you want to invest small, medium or large sums of money, we will introduce you to the recommended investment units.

Our detailed, analytical and comprehensive approach to business, as well as the development of two-way communication, result in the best understanding of your investment ideas and goals. For us, each client is unique and that is why we create an investment offer to meet each individual client's request. While working for you, we are committed to a deep understanding of your request, based on two-way communication. We identify your financial capability and desires, based on which we create the optimal investment portfolio for you.